Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Professor Henry S. Okazaki, the founder of Danzan Ryu (which translates into "Hawaiian Island Style") studied and mastered many classic Jujitsu systems in both Hawaii and Japan. Okazaki also studied Hawaiian Lua, the martial art of the islands and its counterpart, Lomi Lomi, the healing side of the art.

Professor Okazaki's vast training in Jujitsu, healing and other martial arts systems was instrumental in the creation of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.

Danzan Ryu has at its core a deep and purposeful design. At Halau O Ho'Omana Dojo we are committed to improving ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. We achieve this through focused training guided by specific fundamental principles which run through every aspect of our system.

What You Will Learn

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu is a very diverse system of martial arts. Through regular practice the student will become proficient in the following areas:

Halau O Ho'Omana Dojo maintains a non-competitive atmosphere, giving the student a safe and friendly environment to learn the art. As in the time of Professor Okazaki, we believe that all can benefit from the practice of Jujitsu.

Notes On Master Okazaki And The Origins Of Danzan Ryu

by Tom King (submitted by Tom Lange)

from The Kiai Echo - Spring 1996

At dawn on September 10, 1906, the steamship, S.S. China, docked at Honolulu. The ten-day trip from Yokohama had been uneventful. The Pacific Commercial Advertiser Daily, commenting on the China's arrival, noted that the ship carried eleven cabin passengers, the lowest in the history, 309 Japanese and 9 European immigrants in steerage.

One of the passengers in steerage was a young man named Seishiro Okazaki. Seishiro was sixteen when he arrived in Honolulu… more →

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